Publyo™ – The most efficient system for planning, reporting and monitoring online articles

Would you like to have a system able to efficiently plan and publish online articles without having to send dozens of emails to publishers?

Would you like to have an app to efficiently communicate with your team of writers in order for them to deliver the exact content your clients need?

Would you like to get rid of excel files but also permanently track the articles which you published and always know their status?

 Would you like to have a system that automatically sends your clients reports containing the published articles` links?

Do you want to be certain that your articles are still visible on the websites where you published them?

To satisfy all these needs, you need Publyo™!

It doesn`t matter if you have your own business or you manage a digital marketing, media or PR agency. If you need an efficient method to manage all your content projects, we offer you an intuitive, easy-to-use system that will make your media planning, reporting and monitoring job easier.

How does Publyo™ work?

First step

Choose the subscription which fits you and purchase the app

Second step

Get all the planning, uploading, reporting and monitoring tools which we provide.

And doing so, you`ll get a complete system which lets you control everything that happens with your content, starting with the planning, and going on with publishing and monitoring. Both your agency and your client will receive automatic notifications about each content project and its status.


We give you access to a list of the most important publishers in Romania!

Here`s how Publyo™ helps you run and manage successful online media campaigns for your clients:


You can create a media campaign for all your clients.

You can enter the websites with which you already have your own deals in order to automatically publish articles and you can also plan the date on which your content should be distributed, without having to send dozens of emails to the publishers.

Furthermore, you can always choose some publisher from our list to publish your articles.


Regarding your work, we thought about two scenarios:

#1 Your client need written content from you:

  • you can notify writers directly from the system to let them know that you need an article for a specific client and that article will be published on a specific website, on a specific date;
  • your writers can upload the article especially written for your client directly to the platform;
  • once the article is uploaded, the client will automatically receive a notification in order to approve the content or request changes upon reading;
  • once approved by the client, the article, with a representative photo, will be sent for publication on the specific date.

#2 Your client has his own content:

  • upload the article which you received from your client directly to our platform, together with a representative photo;
  • send the article to your preferred publisher.


For each published article, both your agency and your client will be notified about the status of the publication, directly in the platform`s agency`s account and via email.

Both your agency and your client will automatically receive notifications when the article has been submitted for publication and when the publisher has uploaded it on his website.

Both your agency and your client will receive a report containing the link of the published article.


You will always know what happens to your customer`s articles after they have been published on different websites.

Every day we monitor and check if the links of the published articles are active. Also, we ensure that no change has been done to the published content.

If the published articles are no longer visible on the websites you chose or heir contents have changed or their links are not active anymore, both your agency and your client will be notified.

We automatically send notifications to the publishers to report problems and ask to solve them.

We notify both your agency and your client when the issue has been solved.

The benefits of our service

You get your own planning, uploading, reporting and monitoring system that you can use easily, at any time, without the need to invest time in sending dozens of emails.

Publyo™ sends automatic notifications to you and your client with the articles publishing links.

You streamline your team`s work by keeping everything neatly planned and organized, while finding all the information (complete reports on the content and publication of the articles, their date, links and their status) about your media campaigns in the exact same place.

You can automatically send messages to your team of writers asking them to write articles for your client, while setting a specific deadline for them.

You can build a professional image among your clients and get the best publishing offers on the largest website in Romania.

You have constant support from our team.

Manage your content projects with Publyo™!

Publyo™ is a web product by Oblyo Digital Agency in partnership with Weboratory Capital.

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