Prysmian awarded contracts over €800M for the largest ever cable project

Prysmian has been awarded contracts for the SuedLink Corridor in Germany, the largest ever underground cable project, by the German transmission grid operators TransnetBW GmbH and TenneT. 

Under the contracts, worth together more than €800m, Prysmian is to design, manufacture, supply, lay, joint, test and commission a 2GW underground cable system from North to South Germany.

These awards follow those recently secured by Prysmian for SuedOstLink and A-Nord Corridors, and with an overall value of around €1.8 billion.

Prysmian will deliver a complete ±525 kV HVDC underground cable system able to transmit 2GW of electrical power, combining large copper conductors with extruded XLPE insulation technology at the highest voltage level.

The route, with a length of around 700 km, from Wilster in Schleswig-Holstein, to the north-west of Hamburg, shall run the length of Germany to the southern connection point at Bergrheinfeld, close to Schweinfurt in Bavaria.

This high-performance system shall be efficiently installed with optimised long length solutions, extending beyond 2 km, assuring highest levels of quality with a strong and dedicated local project engineering and management team.

Project completion is planned in 2026.

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