Pricefx acquires AI pricing software startup Brennus Analytics

Cristian Hatis 1 Min Read

Pricefx announced it has acquired Brennus Analytics, an AI pricing software start-up based in France.

Brennus uses a modular, proprietary AI technology to provide unique optimization capabilities highly applicable to the challenges of complex B2B environments.

Brennus’ pricing optimization software is based on AI technology called ”Adaptive Multi Agent Systems” (AMAS). AMAS technology is predictive, prescriptive, transparent, fast and flexible.

Devised in the 1990s by the Toulouse Research Institute in Computer Science (IRIT), AMAS is based on self-organizing autonomous agent networks, comparable to a living organism. The self-adapting system is particularly well-suited for large scale optimization and continuous learning.

Brennus Analytics was founded in 2015 by Gregoire Saint-Guily, Florent Dotto, Sylvain Peyruqueou and Sylvain Rougemaille.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. This is the first strategic acquisition that Pricefx has executed since closing its series B round of venture financing in November 2019.

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