Price of the agricultural land transactions in Bulgaria in 2019

The average price per one decar arable land reached BGN 1053 in 2019, which was 7.4% higher than in 2018; Bulgarian National Statistics Office shows.

Average price of arable land transactions between physical and juridical persons amounted of BGN 1027, while the price between juridical persons was BGN 1122.

Average price per one decar permanent grass land (meadows and pastures) in 2019 reached BGN 300 and was higher in comparison to the previous year by 37.6%.

The highest price of arable land in 2019 was in Severoiztochen region – BGN 1 462 per one decar, which was by 7.7% higher in comparison to the previous year.

In the Severen Tsentralen region the price of arable land transactions reached BGN 1138 per one decar and in the Severozapaden region – BGN 967.

In comparison to the previous year the increase in the price in both regions was by 3.6% and 9.4%. Increase in the prices of arable land transactions in 2019 was registered in all six regions.

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