Prague is the best city for a takeaway lunch in Europe

Cristian Hatis 2 Min Read

Prague is the best city for a takeaway lunch in Europe and the second-best in the world, according to Just Eat. The Czech capital had an overall score of 4.40/5, ahead of neighbouring countries’ capitals, Vienna (4.24/5) and Berlin (4.31/5).

The average food rating in Prague is the highest in Europe (4.46/5), beating famous gastronomic cities such as Rome (4.22/5) and Paris (4.19/5).

Lunchtime foodies in Prague will also benefit from the second-best takeaway service in Europe (4.34/5 rating), behind only Athens with 4.38/5.

Lisbon comes in second place with an overall rating of 4.33 out of five. Portuguese capital offers only 2.81 takeaway restaurants per 100.000 habitants, the lowest amongst all countries.

However, hungry visitors to this city will find the second-best culinary delights in Europe, with a food rating of 4.40/5. This is 5.5% higher than Madrid, scoring just 4.17/5 for food quality.

Athens is third, with an overall rating of 4.30/5. Greek capital has the best takeaway service in Europe, with a service rating of 4.38/5. Also, the food rating in Athens scored 4.35/5.

Bucharest, Warsaw, Sofia, Amsterdam, Berlin, Valetta and Berlin complete the Takeaway lunch European Top 10.

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