Possible opening date for Nivy Station has become spring 2021


The Nivy Station project in Bratislava is taking shape despite the current situation. All the steel structures, that together weigh more than 4,000 tones, are now finished, show latest data published by HB Reavis.

„Due to the effects of the pandemic and state implemented measures, the possible opening date has become Spring 2021, when the project will be in construction readiness. After that a lot will depend on the recovery of the retail market”, says Rene Popik, CEO HB Reavis Slovakia.

The construction is almost closed off, the skylights – thanks to which the spaces will be full of natural sunlight – are now complete and the roof cladding is 95% complete. Work on the construction of the relaxation zones on the roof is already underway.

The Nivy Station is designed as a unique project that combines a bus terminal, shopping centre with marketplace, and several facilities for active rest and relaxation. The project should attract over 50,000 visitors a day.

The project includes the adjacent office building Nivy Tower, a 125-metre building, and has a total surface of over 130,000 sqm.

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