Polish women have an average of 17 pairs of shoes. Poles have 7

Polish women have an average of 17 pairs of shoes, and Poles 7 pairs, a CCC report shows. Women have an average of 3 pairs of high heels, most often black and beige.

On the other hand, Poles prefer everyday shoes, all-year-round, often sports shoes.

2/3 of them declare that they have at least one pair of casual sports shoes and those intended for sports.

Women most often choose black or beige high heels (75% and 31% respectively), while red is only in third place.

Poles prefer black shoes, white (especially in sports models), beige and brown (among low shoes) are also popular.

More than half of Polish men and women have sneakers (53%) and shoes for active sports (as much as 63%) in their wardrobes.

In turn, the most frequently worn footwear in the 18-45 age group is everyday sneakers.

According to the study, 2/3 of women buy shoes in sizes 37-39, and 2/3 of men wear sizes 42-44.

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