Polish PGNiG Group to buy Danish natural gas from Ørsted

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) and Ørsted A/S have signed a multi-year contract for the sale and purchase of natural gas.

The agreement covers a total volume of approx. 70 TWh (6.4 bcm) to be supplied between January 1st 2023 and October 1st 2028.

Denmark is linked to Germany via the interconnector at Ellund and will be linked to Norway and Poland via the Baltic Pipe which is currently under construction.

Under this agreement, Ørsted will resell some of the natural gas that it receives from the Danish part of the North Sea to PGNiG, e.g., from the Tyra field, which is Denmark’s largest gas reservoir.

Currently, the Tyra platform is under redevelopment to extend its operational life by at least 25 years. For this reason, production from Tyra was halted in 2019 and is expected to resume in 2022.

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