Poland: 97.5% decrease in the number of tourists accommodated in April


In March 2020, 881.4 thousand tourists were accommodated and 2.5 million overnight stays were provided, latest Central Statistical Office data show. Compared to March 2019, this was a decrease of 63.3% and 56.7% respectively.

A drop in the number of tourists was also recorded in April this year. Accord-ing to estimates, the number of persons accommodated was lower by about 97.5% compared to the same month of the previous year.

The final results of the survey showed that in March this year, 881.4 thousand tourists were accommodated in tourist accommodation establishments with 10 or more bed places, and this is a decrease of almost 1.5 million persons, compared to March 2019 (estimates showed a 65% decrease).

In comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year, the number of domestic tourists accommodated decreased by 61.7% (from 1.9 million to 722.1 thousand), whereas the number of foreign tourists by 69.1% (from 515.9 thousand to 159.2 thousand).

The decrease in the number of persons accommodated is due to restrictions on the movement of people and the operation of tourist accommodation establishments, short-term accommodation, as well as spa treatment activities introduced on 14 March, in connection with an epidemic emergency.

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