Pizza Hut exit Greece and shut down all stores

Pizza Hut shut down all its 16 stores in Greece and 180 jobs were cut.

Greek news agency, Amna, writes that a Pizza Hut source said: “In particular, in the last 12 years and despite the continuous years of economic losses we invested 23 million euros for the development of the chain in Greece while at the same time in the last decade we created and secured more than 450 jobs. Unfortunately, however, the coronavirus pandemic, which has created a crisis unprecedented in our country and internationally, has hit the catering sector hard and led to the worsening of existing difficulties and the inability to reverse the negative climate.”

A few days ago NPC International, one of the largest franchisees of Pizza Hut in the USA, went bankrupt due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pizza Hut Greece has fulfilled its obligations in full in accordance with the law, paying the relevant compensation plus special additional compensation and having paid all its debts to the employees.

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