Passenger car registrations fell by two thirds in Austria last month

In April 2020, the number of new passenger car registrations (11.220) declined by 64.9%, according to Statistics Austria.

New registrations of petrol-driven passenger cars sunk by 71.0% (share: 44.8%), those of diesel cars by 63.8% (share: 40.0%). Fewer new registrations were recorded for new electric cars (-23.1%; share: 5.0%).

VW and Skoda lead the top

The passenger car makes with the highest registration figures were VW (share: 14.7%), Skoda (share: 13.1%) and BMW (share: 7.6%).

Among the Top 10 car makes, all makes recorded double-digit declines: Skoda -44.7%, Renault -51.4%, Audi -56.7%, Mercedes -57.6%, BMW -57.7%, Peugeot -62.3%, VW -66.6%, Kia -67.2%, Ford -67.5% and Seat -74.0%.

The market for new commercial vehicles showed increases for tractors used for agriculture and forestry (+5.8%). Fewer registrations were reported for lorries category (cat.) N3 (-33.4%), lorries cat. N2 (-44.2%), lorries cat. N1 (49.3%) and articulated lorries (-65.0%).

Among the two-wheelers, fewer registrations were recorded for new motorcycles (-22.2%) and scooters (-60.5%).

In total, 19 950 motor vehicles were newly registered in April 2020, thus the decrease compared to April 2019 amounted to 56.6%.

January to April 2020: new passenger cars -41.6%; new motor vehicles -39,3%

From January to April 2020, the number of new passenger car registrations decreased by 41.6% to 65.900, or 46.906 vehicles fewer than in the same period of 2019.

The total number of newly registered motor vehicles declined by 39.3% or 59.223 to 91.580.

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