Pandemic to trigger $4 trillion loss in global real GDP in 2020

Data presented by Buy Shares indicate that the global economy is projected to lose $3.94 trillion in real GDP. The loss will be recorded across 2020 mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the data, the ten most impacted countries will cumulatively lose $696.56 billion in real GDP.

The United States is projected to be the most hit country with a loss of $178.4 billion followed by Japan at $86.78 billion while the United Kingdom will be the third most impacted country at  $74 billion.

France is fourth at $73.34 billion while India will be the fifth most impacted at $71.73 billion.

Other countries to record massive losses in real GDP include Italy ($58.70 billion), Germany ($55.69), Brazil ($36.06 billion), Russia ($33.27 billion), Mexico ($32.31 billion), Canada ($27.92 billion) and South Korea ($3.76 billion).

From the research, China is the only country set to register positive growth in real GDP at $51.12 billion.

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