Over 9 million litres of Anti-COVID hand disinfectant produce in Czechia


Czech companies were able to temporarily produce disinfectants produced according to a formula from the World Health Organisation (WHO), show Business and Investment Development Agency in Czech Republic.

The temporary production of hand disinfectant called Anti-COVID. Production ended on 30 April 2020.

The produced Anti-COVID disinfectant can be sold until 15 August 2020.

Based on a government resolution and in cooperation with other ministries, the Ministry of Industry and Trade responded to the shortage of disinfectant agents on the market, when it was necessary to rapidly ensure the necessary production and supply.

Thirty-three Czech companies thus produced more than nine million litres of Anti-COVID hand disinfectant in approximately six weeks on the basis of an extraordinary permit from the Ministry of Health and a decision of the Ministry of Agriculture on permitting special denaturation of alcohol.

This involved a controlled regimen so that production and distribution would be rapid and safe and the disinfectant would be effective.

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