Over 37 million overnight stays for the first half of the summer season in Austria

The numbers are still 4.6% below the comparable period of 2019


A number of 37.04 million overnight stays were reported in Austria for the first half of the summer season (May to July), according to preliminary results from Statistics Austria.

At 24.83 million, overnight stays of nonresident guests recorded a strong increase of 63.4% compared to the previous year, but were still 8.8% below the comparative figures for 2019.

A whopping 84.8% of all overnight stays of non-resident guests were attributable to guests from the EU. In the same period of 2019, guests from the EU were responsible for 78.1% of overnight stays by guests from abroad.

Although overnight stays by guests from Asia increased again compared to 2020 and 2021, they are still 3.7% below the pre-crisis level in 2019 in terms of all overnight stays by guests from abroad.

This year, to July, with 80.39 million overnight stays, the numbers are still 15.5% below the
pre-crisis level of 2019 (95.10 million).

However, the comparative periods of 2021 (29.67 million overnight stays) and 2020 (63.82 million) were clearly exceeded.

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