Only 10 countries make 82% of all investments in the US

Main European investor in US is Luxembourg at $1.20 trillion

  • Data compiled by Finbold shows that Japan has the highest portfolio investment in the United States at $1.67 trillion.
  • According to the data, the total investment in assets by foreign countries in the US stands at $11.66 trillion.

The data places the Cayman Islands in the second position with an investment worth $1.64 trillions followed by Luxembourg at $1.20 trillion. The United Kingdom is third with $1.15 trillion while Canada closes the top five categories with investments valued at $1.13 trillion.

Other top investors in the US include Ireland ($1.04 trillion), Netherlands ($542 billion), Germany’s ($438 billion), Singapore ($371.57 billion), and France ($354.64 billion).

In total, these countries’ investments in the US are $9.56 billion which represents 82% of the global value.

The assets in the portfolio invested by these countries comprise equity and investment fund shares, long-term debt securities, and short-term debt securities.

According to the report, „foreign portfolio investment assets show up in a country’s capital account. It is also part of the balance of payments which measures the amount of money flowing in and out of a country over a given period”.

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