Online data shows fans most interested in Manchester United clubs’ transfer activity

With the European transfer window closed on Monday 5th October, utilised online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover which clubs’ transfer activities fans were most interested in.

Football fans were most interested in the transfer activity of Manchester United with an astonishing 719.000 online searches a month for ”Manchester United transfer news”.

Arsenal (633.000 online searches a month), Chelsea (512.000 online searches a month) and Liverpool (414.000 online searches a month) are among the other clubs where a significant proportion of fans are closely keeping an eye on their transfer dealings.

Sheffield United (1.000 online searches a month) and Burnley (3.700) are among the Premier League clubs that supporters are least curious about the transfer news.

Surprisingly, there were 64.000 online searches per month for ”Celtic transfer news”.

When it comes to interest in the transfer business of Europe’s heavyweight teams, this is how they fare: Barcelona (58.000 online searches a month), Real Madrid (50.000 online searches a month), Bayern Munich (26.000 online searches a month)and Juventus (20.000 online searches a month)

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