OMV revises oil price assumptions


OMV, the international oil and gas company headquartered in Vienna, has reduced its Brent oil price planning assumptions. 

The long-term Brent oil price assumptions are now reduced to USD 60/bbl real, compared to USD 75/bbl applied before.

For 2021, the company expects a continued macroeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and confirms its oil price forecast of USD 50/bbl. 

The oil price expectations for 2022 and 2023 are reduced to now USD 60/bbl from USD 70/bbl and USD 75/bbl, respectively. 

For the years 2024 to 2029, OMV assume a Brent oil price of USD 65/bbl (before USD 75/bbl), which is expected to gradually decline to USD 60/bbl until 2035. 

From 2035 onwards, OMV use a Brent oil price of USD 60/bbl.

All assumptions for the years 2025 onwards are based on 2025 real terms. 

The updated price planning assumptions are expected to result in non-cash net impairments of around EUR 600 mn post-tax in the third quarter results, net of minor impairment reversals.

The impairments in Upstream are approximately equally ascribed to tangible assets and write-offs of exploration intangibles. 

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