Number of visitors fell by 93% compared to May last year in Slovakia


In May 2020, only 7 % of visitors stayed in tourism accommodation establishments compared to May 2019. Only 2.3 thousand of foreign visitors stayed, show latest Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic data.

In May 2020, 38.946 people were accommodated in tourism establishments in Slovakia, and the number of visitors fell by 93% compared to May last year.

Visitors spent 146.726 nights in the establishments, which was by 89,9% less year-on-year.

Although the number of visitors increased almost 6-fold in May compared to April, their number was only at a 7% level compared to the same period last year.

In May, the total number of visitors in hotels, boarding houses and other tourism establishments reached 553 thousand of guests last year (in 2018 it was 473 thousand visitors).

The majority of guests (up to 94%) were represented by domestic visitors, the number of accommodated foreign visitors was only 2,3 thousand. In the same period last year, there were 224,7 thousand of foreign visitors.

The most visited region during May was the Bratislavský kraj (21,2% of all guests)

It was followed by two regions, which have a leading position mostly in the number of domestic visitors – the Žilinský and Prešovský kraj.

During May, visitors spent 3,8 nights in the accommodation establishments on average, including domestic visitors 3,8 nights and foreign visitors 3,5 nights.

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