Neeco services are available in 160 countries around the globe


  • Neeco services are now available in more than 160 countries around the globe.
  • Clients have a partner field workforce of 26,000 engineers, certified professionals and consultants at their disposal.
  • This enables the company to swiftly carry out even large and complex projects, to install IT equipment at 53 diplomatic offices in various countries for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a well-known Arab country. 

Neeco was consequently able to deliver and install approximately 1.000 pieces of hardware at 53 sensitive diplomatic sites around the world for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a well-known Arab country.

The challenging part of all international projects is their implementation, which often takes place in very different environments. “One has to know the specifics of the countries where projects are implemented. This is only possible through partnerships with local providers. This is the core of our success,” concludes Petr Opravil, Senior Solution Architect of Neeco.

Although all Neeco’s engineers had to have security clearance in advance due to the sensitive diplomatic environment, each installation job took only around a week to complete.

The company has branches in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, India, Singapore and Hong-Kong.

Consequently, setting-up new business operations in New York, Prague, Mumbai, Cairo and Mexico City within a month is the kind of task Neeco is able to accomplish.

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