Mount Athos is open to pilgrims in the VR Pilgrim app

Everyone in any corner of the planet can make a trip to the Holy Mount Athos with the VR Pilgrim app, which was launched in June 2020.

The app is available in Greek, English, Russian and languages ​​for devices based on Android and iOS platforms.

VR Pilgrim opens an access to the most remote corners of the Christian world, offering virtual travels to Athos, Meteora, Lebanon and Italy.

Most of the funds received from the subscription are going to support and restore the monasteries at this difficult time.

Mount Athos, a peninsula in northern Greece and the spiritual heart of the Eastern Orthodox Church, also known as the ”Garden of the Virgin Mary”, will be closed to pilgrims this year until January 10.

This is due to a strict lockdown imposed by the Greek government on schools, cafes and restaurants, courts, entertainment facilities, ski centers.

The monastic state of Athos is the second most important religious place of pilgrimage after Jerusalem for more than 300 million Orthodox Christians around the world.

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