More than 6 in 10 Europeans sold second-hand goods in the last year

Cristian Hatis 2 Min Read

More than 6 in 10 Europeans say they have sold second-hand goods in the last year, up from 8 in 10 (77%) among people under 35.

The average monthly earnings from these practices amount to 77 euros, an increase in income far from negligible, according to ”L’Observatoire Cetelem de la Consommation”.

While Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks earn less than 40 euros in additional income, the amount is almost threefold in Germany and especially in the UK, where sellers earn on average 115 euros.

Europeans say they are equally open to buying second-hand goods from a retailer or store, as well as from a private advertising platform (41% and 39%, respectively).

The first option is preferred especially by Romanians, Bulgarians and British, while Germans and Austrians prefer the second.

Although the circular economy focuses on second-hand purchases and recycling, 3 out of 4 Europeans say they are very attached to the idea of ​​owning possessions.

In this case, too, there are differences between generations, with older respondents giving more value to property than younger ones.

Hungarians, Bulgarians, Italians and Romanians stand out as the most enthusiastic about the notion of property, while Swedes, Norwegians and especially Slovaks stand at the opposite end of the scale.

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