MOL has completed a new bitumen-rubber plant in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary


MOL completed its new bitumen-rubber plant in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, after a $ 10 million investment.

The plant, built in one year, has an annual production capacity of 20.000 tons of rubber bitumen.

In addition to recycling 8-10% of household tire waste in Hungary, the new plant will contribute to the efficient operation of the Zala platform and the preservation of over 100 jobs.

The new plant can deliver about 96 tons of bitumen-rubber per day, which translates annually into 20.000 tons of raw material for road construction, enough to build 200 kilometers of two-lane road or rebuild the top layer of 600 kilometers of two-lane road.

Of the approximately $ 10 million investment, 75% was provided by MOL from its own resources and 25% was funded by a state aid programme.

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