Mixit, the ‎custom muesli manufacturer,‎ expanded to Romania

Mixit, the Czech company that produces personalized breakfast muesli and lyophilised fruit, expanded to Romania just before Christmas.

This is the fifth market for Mixit, after the launch in Czech Republic (2010), Slovakia (2013), Poland (2014) and Hungary (2019).

The expansion will help the company reach a 21% growth in 2021.

In Romania, Mixit will offer a range that is similar to the other markets where the brand is active. The distinctive offer of the company is the possibility to create an individualized mix of muesli, lyophilised fruit and nuts.

In addition, clients may choose from a range that includes some of the brand’s best-selling products.

However, the offer for the Romanian market will be extended to include chocolates, protein drinks or chocolate creams.

In the Czech market, the company is very well-known and generates the largest revenues (in 2020, it generated 78% of the total sales of 14,500,000 euros).

We foresee the Romanian market will make 5-10% of the sales, by the end of 2021.There is no similar product on the market at this point in time, that would offer personalized muesli products”, says Martin Wallner, Mixit co-founder.

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