Mindspace launches new office rent solutions starting at EUR 18

Mindspace launches ”Hybrid office”, its new array of on-demand solutions for companies and individuals adapting to the new work model.

Mindpass Daily and Mindpass Multi offer on-demand, casual access to office spaces for 1, 4, 8 or 12 days a month, and can be purchased online.

Prices start at ($30, £20, PLN 85, 135₪, €18).

The ”Hybrid Office” offers a private office to companies under a hybrid model with teams who prefer working in-office on their WFH rotations.

This solution includes Mindspace membership benefits such as access to meeting rooms, event spaces, common areas and the many amenities available on site.

A global study run by Barco shows that 85% of the workforce wants to return to the office and resume the social aspect of working life.

But, on the other hand, they want the freedom, flexibility and facilities to adopt a better blend of home and office working.

The study also shows that this shift to a hybrid model is a trend that’s been building for many years and COVID-19 has simply accelerated it.

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