LPP opens a warehouse in Sered, Slovakia

LPP has launched a Fulfilment Enter-type warehouse in Slovakia as part of its e-commerce channel development strategy, to support online sales on Central European markets.

The warehouse located in PNK Park Sered was originally to cover 25.000 m2 of industrial space with an option to expand it by another 7.000 m2 over the next three years.

The decision to open a warehouse in Slovakia is part of the company’s strategy for the development of its international distribution network.

The building has been divided into two parts, the first one with an area of 17,000 m2 is mostly dedicated to manual operations.

The second part (15,000 m2) is dedicated to automatic solutions and cross-dock operations of goods intended for the stores chain. It has also been equipped with high storage racks for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores from the Central Europe region.

The total storage area for this purpose includes as many as 2040 pallet spaces. Despite the relatively short time that has passed since the launch of the facility, the maximum number of products that entered and left the warehouse in one day has reached 152,000.

The investment makes it possible to offer all customers of LPP brands from the Central European region the next business day delivery, and in some locations even the same day delivery.

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