LOT will resume regular international passenger flights from July 1

Cristian Hatis
1 Min Read

LOT will resume, from July 1, its first regular international passenger flights since their suspension on March 13.

The flight schedule for the first two weeks of July includes primarily flights to the Schengen countries and popular holiday destinations.

The route network of 20 European cities includes:

  • seven flights a week to Prague, Duesseldorf, Vilnius and Budapest;
  • six flights a week to Berlin;
  • five flights a week to Vienna, Brussels and Kiev (Boryspil Airport);
  • four flights a week to Amsterdam and Bucharest;
  • three flights a week to Barcelona, Tbilisi and Oslo;
  • two flights a week to Split and Dubrovnik;
  • at least one flight per week to Zadar, Podgorica, Corfu, Chania and Varna.

All international flights will be operated from Chopin Airport in Warsaw until July 14.

In addition, two connections from Budapest will return to the resumed LOT network – to Varna and Dubrovnik, operated once a week during the weekend.

LOT will also maintain its existing schedule of over 30 domestic flights a day.

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