LoJack Italia AI to work as a ”virtual technician” for Maldarizzi Automotive

All FCA, BMW, MINI and Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold by Maldarizzi will be installed with LoJack Connect, giving customers the option to enable the Maldarizzi Business Development Center (BDC) to function as a ”virtual technician” by monitoring vehicle diagnostics.

Maldarizzi’s long-term rental customers will also have the option to install LoJack Connect and enable the Maldarizzi BDC virtual technician. 

By alerting the motorist to potential maintenance issues that often result from exceeding mileage thresholds, low fluid levels, tire wear and tear, and more, the Maldarizzi BDC can offer preventative services to avoid unnecessary breakdowns or more costly repairs.

The LoJack Connect App allows the driver to track the car’s location, monitor battery levels, view trips and review driving behavior.

Maldarizzi customers can also receive notifications relating to routine or predictive maintenance and also provide notice of approaching deadlines for the payment of road tax, car insurance, financing installments, and other vehicle-related preventative maintenance.

In the event of theft, the driver can contact the LoJack 24/7 Command Center and send a photo of the theft report via a smartphone to quickly start the recovery process.

If the battery is disconnected by the thief or the car is moved with the engine off, the customer will receive an alert.

How the system works if a crash happens

In the event of a crash, LoJack Connect’s CrashBoxx feature will alert the LoJack 24/7 Command Center and identify the severity of the crash event.

The Command Center operator will contact the driver, notify emergency response if life-saving support is needed, and conduct an initial assessment of the incident.

If repairs are needed, Maldarizzi’s BDC will contact the customer to offer mechanical assistance and detailed accident reconstruction information to expedite repairs and the insurance claims process.

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