LMS365 added new capabilities to its learning platform

Danish software developer LMS365 added new capabilities to its learning platform to improve navigation, accessibility and security.

LMS365 has 700+ enterprise and public customers with over 4 million users.

50+ trusted partners have implemented the solution in more than 40 countries, with customers in all sectors, and deployments ranging from a few hundred employees to 50,000+ employees. 

How the new and improved LMS365 looks

Re-designed personal training dashboard: Optimized to seamlessly match the Microsoft Teams user interface. The updated dashboard provides a clear and easy overview of each individual learner’s required coursework, making it easier for learners to complete training benchmarks.

New privacy configurations: Options to disable access to learner details for line managers and course administrators provides organizations with better means to control the privacy of personal information for compliance requirements.  

Improved accessibility: Learners can enroll in training from the Course and Training Plan homepage, using a screen reader or a keyboard.

Microsoft Exchange integration option: Supports OAuth and two-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Improved administrative interface: Upgrades to the admin user interface and API key management provide better ease of use and navigation.  

Ability to pin training or course catalog tab in Teams channels: Team members can easily pin a training or course catalog tab within their project channel to direct the team’s attention to relevant content.

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