Life expectancy at birth of the Bulgarians is 74.9 years

  • Life expectancy at birth of the Bulgarian population calculated for the period 2017 – 2019 is 74.9 years.
  • Compared to the previous period (2016 – 2018) it increased by 0.1 years, show latest Bulgarian National Statistical Institute data.

Bulgaria is the country with lowest life expectancy in the EU. Highest life expectancy at birth is registered in Spain (83.5) and Italy (83.4 years).

Life expectancy at birth for female it is 7 years higher than men

Different mortality rates among male and female, as well as among urban and rural population resulted in differences in the life expectancy at birth for these population categories.

Life expectancy at birth for male population is 71.5 years, while for female it is 7.0 years higher – 78.5 years.

Between 2009 and 2019, the life expectancy at birth increased for male population by 1.6 years, while for female – by 1.4 years.

Lowest life expectancy in 72,8 years in Vratsa and Sliven

Life expectancy at birth varies from 72.8 years in districts Vratsa and Sliven to 76.7 years in districts Sofia (stolitsa) and Kardzhali. Life expectancy is higher than the country average in eight districts.

Women live longer than men in all country districts, but highest is the difference between sexes in district Kyustendil (8.9 years), while smallest is in district Kardzhali (5.7 years).

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