Leonardo and Sofia, the most chosen names for newborns in Milan

Milanese parents remain faithful to the traditional names in the first half of 2020. Among the most popular surnames, however, there is a novelty: Hu surpasses the Italian Rossi also in the women’s ranking.

Among the 4.856 babies born from January 1 to June 30, 213 were named Leonardo, 108 Sofia and 106 Giulia. They are followed by Thomas (153), Riccardo (123), Alessandro (122) and Lorenzo (120) for boys, Geneva (90), Alice (84), Camilla and Beatrice for girls (79).

Foreign moms and dads also prefer the name Leonardo (58), which last year was only in 4th place.

This year the surname Hu surpasses the Italian Rossi also in the women’s ranking: the Hu ladies are 2.210 compared to 2.133 named Rossi.

In third place are ladies Colombo (1.832).

The situation is the same among male surnames: 2.454 Hu, 1.873 Rossi and 1.543 Colombo.

Fourth place for both genres is Ferrari (1.720 and 1.506 respectively).

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