LC Waikiki opened store no 1000 in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

  • LC Waikiki, a Turkish fashion retailer, opened its 1000th store in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.
  • First international investment was initiated in Romania, in 2009.
  • Sore no 1000 is located in Kyiv River Mall.

LC Waikiki has 35 stores and 1000 employees in 18 cities in Ukraine. The new two-storied store in River Mall will be the largest store in the country with its place of 1.880 square meters. 40 employees will be employed in the store, of which the investment cost reaches 1 million USD.

LC Waikiki Chairman of the Board Vahap Küçük said, “When we first launched our brand, we identified our mission as “Everyone deserves to dress well”. We have set the goal of bringing affordable fashion beyond our country borders by bringing it together with various cultures in different markets. We are committed to providing to our customers from all age groups with products that are suitable for the style and budget and that are manufactured in accordance with the clothes safety rules. We determined the vision of the LC Waikiki brand in 2023 as “Being one of the three most successful fashion retailers in Europe.”

LC Waikiki to expand in South America

Küçük stated, “In August, we will open our first store in South America, Peru so that we will be entering a new continent. We are going to enter new countries such as Zambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola and Senegal in Africa; Hungary in Europe and Mongolia and Turkmenistan in Asia. We will enter the 4th continent with South America in 2020. With 9 new countries, we are going to open a total of 130 new stores, 15 stores in Turkey and 115 stores abroad. Thus, we aim to operate in 56 countries on 4 continents by 2020 and reach the number of 1125 stores”.

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