Later this year, we’re introducing BestInform, a game-changer in the way you plan your travel and leisure activities

Later this year, we're introducing BestInform, a game-changer in the way you plan your travel and leisure activities

As Artificial Intelligence reshapes various sectors, it’s time to leverage its potential in simplifying leisure planning. BestInform employs the perks of A.I. to offer a smooth and intuitive platform for organizing your free time.

Our goal? To revolutionize how you schedule your downtime. Be it vacations, business trips, or quick city breaks – planning these becomes a breeze with BestInform. The cherry on top is that every choice is crafted precisely to your liking!

On our platform, you’ll discover a host of integrated services, including accommodation, entertainment, and culture in your chosen destination. But we go the extra mile – you can book tickets for events or make reservations at eateries directly through BestInform.

Powered by an intuitive algorithm, BestInform makes the planning process as efficient as possible. From pinpointing perfect accommodations and eateries to discovering cultural, sports, and entertainment events timed to your preferences, BestInform’s got you covered.

Consider BestInform your bespoke search engine for leisure. Whether you’re planning a vacation, figuring out how to spend your evenings or weekends, or even exploring your own city – BestInform makes it all easy and fun.

By creating your unique profile, you tap into a personalized, high-quality experience. Our advanced software and smart chatbot handle everything, from identifying options to making reservations or buying tickets for you.

Our chatbot, continuously improved by our dedicated team of developers, ensures an authentic and relatable user experience.

Opportunities for Users and Service Providers

BestInform is not just a boon for users aiming to streamline their leisure planning but also presents abundant opportunities for our partners and providers.

Event organizers, accommodation facilities, and restaurants get to enjoy enhanced visibility and improved marketing and sales activities. This implies that their services are more easily discovered by potential customers, making the upcoming launch of BestInform a win-win for everyone eager to enrich their travel and leisure experiences!

So as we prepare for the grand launch of BestInform later this year, gear up to turn your free time into an unparalleled experience!

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