Italy: Unemployment rate down to 9.7% (-0.1%)


In August 2020, in Italy, employment continued the growth already began in July and unemployment decreased, while inactivity kept on dropping, latest Istat data show.

On a monthly basis, the increaseof employment (+0.4%, +83 thousand) concerned both men (+0.5%, +72 thousand) and women (+0.1%, +11 thousand), leading the employment rate to 58.1% (+0.2p. p.).

In the last month, the drop of unemployed people (-0.9%, -23 thousand) involved only women (-3.0%, -36 thousand), where as men grew (+0.9%, +12 thousand).

The unemployment rate decreased to 9.7% (-0.1 percentage points) while the youth rate increased to 32.1% (+0.3p.p.).

In August the decline of inactive people aged 15-64 (-0.5%, -65 thousand) concerned only men (-1.7%, -85 thousand), while for women a rise was recorded (+0.2%, +20 thousand); the inactivity rate went down to 35.5% (-0.1 percentage points).

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