Italy, Spain and France are the largest wine producers in the EU

In 2019, the sold production of wine (including sparkling wine, port and grape must) in the EU was around 16 billion (bn) litres.

The largest wine producers were Italy, Spain and France, followed by Portugal, Germany and Hungary, Eurostat shows.

Italy produced over 5,5 billion litres in 2019 (around 35% of total EU wine production), Spain produced 4,3 billion litres and France 3,4 billion litres.

Italy EU’s top exporter of wines

In 2019, the EU Member States exported 7.1 bn litres of wine.

Almost half of this wine was exported to countries outside of the EU (3.1 bn litres, or 43% of the total wine exports), mainly to the United Kingdom (0.69 bn litres, or 22% of extra-EU exports) and the United States (0.65 bn litres, 21%), followed by Russia (0.28 bn litres, 9%) and China (0.25 bn litres, 8%).

Italy was by far the top exporter of wine, with extra-EU exports of 1.1 bn litres in 2019, representing 34% of the EU Member States’ extra-EU exports of wine. It was followed by France (0.8 bn litres, 25%) and Spain (0.7 bn litres, 22%).

Top importer: Germany

The EU Member States imported a total of 4.8 bn litres of wine in 2019. Only 16% of this came from non-EU countries, notably from Chile (0.17 bn litres, 23% of extra-EU imports) and South Africa (0.16 bn litres, 21%).

Among the EU Member States, the largest importers of wine were Germany (0.23 bn litres, or 30% of the EU Member States’ extra-EU imports), the Netherlands (0.11 bn litres, 15%), Denmark (0.07 bn litres, 9%), Sweden (0.06 bn litres, 8%), Belgium and France (both 0.05 bn litres, 7%) and Ireland (almost 0.05 bn litres, 6%).

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