Italian company launches a device for maintaining social distancing

Italian company IK Multimedia, based in Modena, launched Safe Spacer, a lightweight wearable device that helps workers and visitors maintain safe social distancing.

Able to be worn on a lanyard, wristband or belt loop, Safe Spacer precisely detects when other Safe Spacer units come within 2m, alerting wearers with a choice of visual, vibrating or audio alarm.

Using Ultra-wideband technology, Safe Spacer offers accuracy up to 10x better than Bluetooth, and can optionally store “collision” data to monitor compliance or perform fast contact tracing.

Each device also features a unique ID tag and built-in memory to optionally associate with workers’ names for tracing unintended contact.

For privacy, no data except the device’s ID and proximity is stored.

Safe Spacer will be available in September directly from IK Multimedia, at the following prices:

  • Safe Spacer – $99.99/€85.00 each;
  • S-Charger – $299.99/€270.00 each;
  • S-Bridge – $139.99/€120.00 each.
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