inHEART raises $4.2 million to improve treatments for cardiac arrhythmias


inHEART has closed a round of $4.2 million led by Elaia. These funds will be used to accelerate commercial development in Europe, access the US market, and advance its technology leadership with continued development of AI and numerical simulations of cardiac electrical activity.

Heart rhythm disorders, notably as the cause of sudden cardiac death, is a major cause of morbidity in the world.

Current treatment solutions for patients with arrhythmias are not optimal whether considering drugs, implantable devices or even catheter ablation procedures that are lengthy, complex and expensive.

For instance, a repeat procedure is needed in 40% of patients with ventricular arrhythmias due to recurrence.

More timely and effective procedures

inHEART provides a cloud-based software solution that transforms preoperative medical images into a 3D digital twin of the patient’s heart.

This digital twin enables the cardiologist to better plan the procedure and also to assist in navigating instruments in the patient’s heart, substantially reducing procedure duration and failure rates.

inHEART technology has been used on more than 2000 patients in 40 centers around the world and included in the latest international expert recommendations.

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