Industrial production at an all time low in Slovakia

In April, industrial production reached the historical minimum since the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic, decreasing by 42 % year-on-year.

This fall was mainly affected by a sharp decrease in manufacture of transport equipment by 78,9 %.

This situation was significantly influenced by a cessation or restriction of the production at four Slovak car manufacturers as well as the production restrictions at subcontractors in the car industry as a whole, which responded to the measures taken against the spread of the COVID-19 in Europe.

The most significant drop was recorded in manufacture of transport equipment

The most significant drop was recorded in manufacture of transport equipment by 78,9 %, manufacture of rubber and plastic products and other non-metallic mineral products by 42,9 %, manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. by 34,5 %, manufacture of metal and fabricated metal products except machinery and equipment by 26,2 % and manufacture of electrical equipment by 41,8 %.

Compared with April 2019, in terms of the main industrial groupings, production of investment goods decreased by 62,8 %, production of durable consumer goods by 52,7 %, production of intermediate goods by 32,2 %, production of non-durable consumer goods by 30,3 % and production relating to energy by 5,1 %.

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