Impact Hub Prague, new program focused on sustainable food production

Impact Hub Prague, in cooperation with several partners, launches the first program in the Czech Republic focused on sustainable food production.

Future of Food is a 3-month program that offers support to all who are producing innovative and sustainable production.

Professional mentoring, professional consultations, training workshops and discussion meetings with food experts are prepared for participants.

Participants will meet interesting personalities from the field of sustainable food such as Martin Ducháček, owner of Freshbedýnek, Otto Jiránek, CEO of Country Life, Martin Jahoda, CEO of EMCO and Kamil Demuth, founder of the platform.

Financial support of at least EUR 100 billion for the transition to more sustainable agriculture from the European Commission

In the recently published “From Farmer to Consumer” strategy, part of the new Green Agreement for Europe, the European Commission outlined a financial support of at least EUR 100 billion for the transition to more sustainable agriculture.

According to the strategy, €10 billion is to be used for the bio-economy and food, with a key area of research being “increasing the availability and resources of alternative proteins such as plant, cultured or marine and insect-based proteins and other meat substitutes.”

The Commission states that livestock farming is a major contributor to climate change, causing almost 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

However, excessive consumption of animal products also has a health impact on society as a whole, which entails considerable costs for health care.

In 2017, an estimated more than 950 000 deaths in the EU were linked to unhealthy eating.

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