Immofinanz to build 12.000 new apartments on top of STOP SHOP retail parks

Cristian Hatis 1 Min Read

With Top on STOP, single-storey STOP SHOP retail parks will be overbuilt to create low-price housing and to create up to 12,000 new apartments.

Immofinanz‘s STOP SHOP portfolio currently covers roughly 100 locations in ten European countries, and plans call for an increase to 140 properties over the coming years.

The potential for this new housing concept is, therefore, substantial.

Over the medium term, we plan to overbuild roughly 50% of our current and future STOP SHOP locations with affordable rental apartments says Stefan Schönauer, CFO of IMMOFINANZ.

The Top on STOP apartments will meet high sustainability criteria and includes the use of photovoltaics, heat recovery and geothermal energy.
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