How much do Romanians pay for house maintenance services compared to other CEE countries

Romania is an expensive country when it comes to prices on the construction and house maintenance market, being at a similar level to Slovakia.

Compared to these two markets, in Hungary, the prices are much more affordable, an Wilio study founds.

When it comes to the construction of a turnkey house, the lowest price registered is in Hungary, where the citizen will pay 1.492 euros per square meter.

In Romania and Slovakia, the price is approximately 300 euros bigger, a square meter being 1.712, respectively 1.727 euros.

According to Wilio, these numbers reflect the prices for a 4 room family house, with reinforced concrete foundations and an area of 110 sq. m.

The prices include leveling, complete construction of the building, with water distribution, waste and sewerage, electricity, air conditioning, and also floors, windows, doors and bathroom equipment as standard.

It also includes fencing of the entire plot, lightning rod, and gutters.

Gardening projects are more expensive in Romania

Though it’s not in the top 10 most requested services, more Romanians take care of their gardens than Hungarians or Slovaks.

Hungarians usually have projects in the price range between 100 and 400 euros, followed by Slovakia, with a price range of 250-850 euros.

In Romania, the projects are larger and they cost between 320 and 8.000 euros, probably because here only a privileged part of the population can afford this full service.

Otherwise, the prices for small gardening projects are similar.

In Romania and Slovakia, trimming trees costs 23, respectively 25 euros per tree. In Hungary, the cost drops and such an action is around 19-20 euros.

How much costs to hire an electrician

Romanians pay less when it comes to hiring an electrician, the maximum they pay for one is 120 euros.

Hungarians and Slovaks pay between 400 and 460 euros, respectively between 300 and 600 euros.

If we’re talking about the electrical installation, like installing the switches and sockets, the costs are similar for Romanians and Hungarians, they pay 40-55 euros. In Slovakia this cost doubles: 70-140 euros. 

According to the data detained by Wilio, regarding repairing around-the-house services, the prices are similar.

For example, if we talk about changing an electrical socket, a Hungarian would pay 7 euros, a Slovak 9, and a Romanian 10 euros.

Costs for painting the walls are almost the same

As for painting the walls, a double layer of white paint per square meter is the cheapest in Slovakia, where it costs 1.8 euro, followed by Romania, with 2 euro, and then Hungary, with 2.24 euro. 

If he needs to install a window with insulating double glazing, the Romanian will have to pay 110 euros and the Slovak, 116 euros per piece.

The Hungarians get the lowest prices on this action, with an amount of around 95 euros. 

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