How many tourists visited Slovakia through travel agencies and tour operators

In 2019, within the organized tourism, the number of inbound foreign visitors in the Slovak Republic reached over 330 thousand people (it concerns one-day visitors and foreigners on overnight stays).

They spent in Slovakia almost 200 thousand days on overnight stays.

At the same time via travel agencies and tour operators, altogether 760 thousand people travelled (one-day visitors and overnight visitors as well) and the number of stay days reached nearly 5,3 million.

Top 5 European destinations for Slovaks in 2019

The top 5 destinations to which the Slovaks traveled included Turkey with 131.328 visitors, Croatia with 83.382 visitors, Greece with 78.133 visitors, Bulgaria with 60.992 visitors and Italy with 57.536 visitors.

The total turnover for the services provided exceeded EUR 740 million.

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