How coronavirus pandemic affected the Bulgarian consumer


In the conditions of COVID-19, consumers have become more rational and more price sensitive. 41% go to the store only once a week, and 36% even less often as they also admit that they are increasingly looking for bargains and promotions.

Many of the respondents believe that in the conditions of -COVID-19 they have acquired useful shopping habits and would continue to do so after the end of the state of emergency.

59% want to think more about their purchases in the future, and 54% say they will continue to buy mainly Bulgarian products.

81% of Bulgarians want more local products

According to 81% of them, big chains need to invest more in the economy in Bulgaria by offering more goods produced in the country.

More than half say they would prefer Bulgarian goods, even if they were at a higher price, and 70% would even change the store from which they shop for another where they can find Bulgarian production.

87% of respondents indicated that they had complied with the recommendations for social distance and spent Easter at home. More than 70% say they support the state of emergency, but also admit to being concerned about the situation in the country.

The survey on the Bulgarian consumer behavior trends was conducted by Online Marketing Research Agency JTN.

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