Greece: Travel receipts fell by 97.5% in June 2020

Travel receipts in June 2020 fell by 97.5% to €64 million, from €2,558 million in June 2019, while travel payments also decreased by 81.3% (June 2020: €36 million, June 2019: €195 million).

The fall in travel receipts resulted from a 93.8% decline in inbound traveller flows and a 58.7% decrease in average expenditure per trip.

Net receipts from travel services offset 2.1% of the goods deficit and accounted for 9.2% of total net receipts from services.

In January-June 2020, the number of inbound visitors fell by 76.9% to 2,178 thousand (January-June 2019: 9,407 thousand).

Specifically, visitor flows through airports declined by 84.6% and visitor flows through road border-crossing points fell by 55.4%.

In the period under review, visitors from within the EU27 dropped by 78.6% year-on-year to 1,131 thousand, while visitors from outside the EU27 decreased by 74.7% to 1,046 thousand.

The number of visitors from within the euro area fell by 85.5%, while visitors from non-euro area EU27 countries dropped by 64.4%.

Specifically, the number of visitors from Germany fell by 89.1% to 148 thousand, while visitors from France decreased by 93.4% to 35 thousand.

Turning to non-EU27 countries, the number of visitors from the United Kingdom fell by 89.4% to 117 thousand, while visitors from the United States dropped by 79.6% to 86 thousand and visitors from Russia decreased by 85.8% to 22 thousand.

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