Globalworth to start Renoma Department Store renovation project


Globalworth has obtained a permit to renovate and rebuild the Renoma Department Store located in Wrocław, Poland.

The iconic building is to undergo a metamorphosis giving it a new design and a new range of stores. The building’s future interior will resemble the architecture of the historic Wertheim Department Store.

The works are planned to start in Q4 this year. To avoid disturbing shoppers, the renovations will be done in several stages and will last about two years. 

The new Renoma will have additional office spaces and include a food area with restaurants, bars, bistros. The design was inspired by Hala Koszyki, the culinary centre of Warsaw, owned and managed by Globalworth. 

Renoma was built in 1930 and is one of Poland’s most prominent retail buildings

After being extended and upgraded in 2009, the property was put into use with over 120 stores and service points opened on the two lowest levels. The floors above are taken up by offices & restaurant sections.

Along with Hala Koszyki in Warsaw and Supersam in Katowice, Renoma is the third mixed-use development in the Globalworth Poland portfolio.

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