Five wealthiest Americans worth more than top 5 richest in China, Russia, India


Data presented by Buy Shares indicates that the net worth of five richest Americans is more than the cumulative wealth of five richest individuals from China, Russia, and India.

According to the data, the Americans account for $609.3 billion while their counterparts are worth $463.6 billion combined.

Bezos wealth continues to surge

From the overviewed countries, the combined wealth of China’s five richest stands at $207.6 billion, while India’s wealthy account for $143.6 billion. On the other hand, the top five Russian wealthy people have a net worth of $112.4 billion. 

In total, the 20 richest people sampled from the four countries are worth $1.72 trillion. Jeff Bezos emerges as the richest person globally with a fortune of $205 billion as of August 26, 2020.

Notably, Bezos is $88.8 billion richer than Microsoft founder Bill Gates who ranks as the second richest person in the world.

The Buy Shares report notes the contribution of the coronavirus pandemic to the increasing wealth of the global billionaires.

According to the report: ”During the coronavirus pandemic, the global billionaires are among the biggest beneficiaries. For example, Jeff Bezos crossed the $200 billion mark, a record milestone since Amazon was among the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic.”

The wealth of overviewed individuals is estimated based on their documented assets and also factoring liabilities like debts. 

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