First Slovak skyscraper’s foundations being concreted

Contractors began concreting the foundation slab for Eurovea Tower, the first skyscraper in Slovakia. Before concreting began, construction workers attached a 1.880-ton steel concrete reinforcement.

The thickest reinforcement bars are four centimetres in diameter, 12 meters long, and weigh 120 kilograms. The foundation slab will comprise a three-meter thick, 7.050 cubic meters (cbm) volume of concrete.

Three concrete mixers and two back-ups are on site, which revolve over 630 times throughout the concreting process.

Concrete reaches the excavation site via three mobile pumps, which are supplemented by one stand-by pump during technical breaks with one back-up also prepared.

Forty workers per shift work on the concreting of the skyscraper’s base plate.

Preparatory work began in March 2019 on the construction site between Eurovea’s first stage and Apollo Bridge, with a 420,000-cubic meter pit 300 metres long, 100 metres wide, and 14 metres deep excavated.

Construction of the Eurovea 2 project began after the official building permit was issued in December 2019.

In May, the first 91-meter crane was erected on site to build the shopping centre. A total of 14 cranes will be working on the project, with the tallest ever built in Slovakia.

How Eurovea extension will look

Eurovea Tower will be the first skyscraper in Slovakia, with 45 floors, 168 meters high and 389 residences.

Eurovea 2 will include an extension of the shopping centre – 25.000 sq m of retail space (85.000 sq m with current centre).

Other buildings on site are Eurovea Riverside – 7 floors, 96 residences, Pribinova X – 18.000 sq m of leasable office space and Pribinova Y – 22.000 sq m of leasable office space.

The project will include more underground garages – 1.400 parking spaces and the lengthening of the Danube promenade – 25.000 sqm waterfront park, new activity park and playgrounds.

Completion is expected in 2022-2023.

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