First regular freight train from Poland to China, arrived in 20 days


An inbound China-Europe freight train from Poland carrying 33 containers of goods left Rizhao, China, marking the regular operation of the first inbound transit train between Rizhao and Europe, says Xinhua.

Starting from the city of Wroclaw in Poland, the freight train had arrived in Rizhao after passed through Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia after 20 days of journey, which is 14 days less than that of traditional sea transportation.

It is the first inbound transit freight train runs between Rizhao and Europe, and the train will be shipped to Pyeongze, Republic of Korea (ROK) through the railway-sea intermodal transport from Rizhao Port.

The freight train connecting Rizhao, Chengdu, and Europe was launched in 2017. In the nearly past three years, a total of 793 freight trains had run along the route, posting an export volume of 20,916 TEUs.

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