Finnair to sell its business class food menu in supermarkets

A menu costs only 12.9 euros!


The Finnish airline Finnair has announced that it has started selling its business class food menu in supermarkets, in order to avoid making layoffs to its catering division due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reuters reports.

A Finnair menu for business class passengers costs 12.9 euros in the supermarket and consists of beef with teriyaki sauce and rice or arctic trout with risotto.

The idea proved successful when 1.600 menus were sold in a few days at a supermarket located near Finnair’s main hub, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

The company intends to expand the program by including other supermarkets.

In 2017, Finnair decided to buy LSG Sky Chefs, a catering company operating from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and renamed it Finnair Kitchen.

Finnair Kitchen made about 12.000 meals a day, but that number plummeted after the COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted air travel.

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