euShipments invests several million euros in its operations in Romania

Bulgarian company euShipments expands its presence on the Romanian market, as part of a strategic investment of several million euro.

This year, the company estimates an increase of more than 50% in the total number of shipments, to over 1,3 million.

In Romania, euShipments targets a growth of over 20% in the volume of parcels delivered to and in Romania, to more than 400,000 parcels.

Also, the company aims to double the volume of parcels shipped by online stores outside Romania, with a target of approximately 200,000 shipments this year.

Currently, euShipments has over 500 customers among online stores in all markets in which it operates and aims to support at least 50 Romanian sellers to deliver internationally.

Romanian online stores using euShipments solutions have access, through a single contract and single integration or client panel, to the entire portfolio of services.

This are offered by over 30 courier companies and 10 fulfillment warehouses (of which 2 own euShipments warehouses in Bulgaria and 1 in Hungary).

euShipments is one of the most experienced providers and integrators of courier and fulfillment services in Eastern Europe and the leader of the fulfillment market in Bulgaria.

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