Estonia has pledged the highest aid by share of its GDP towards Ukraine

Cristian Hatis
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Since the start of Russian invasion on February 24, Ukraine continues to receive massive aid from other nations to repel the unprovoked attack.

According to data gathered by Kiel Institute For The World Economy, Estonia has pledged the highest aid by share of its gross domestic product (0.81%) towards Ukraine until June 7 2022.

Latvia ranks second with a GDP share of 0.72%. Poland has committed the third-highest aid by share of GDP at almost 0.50%.

U.S. aid commitment to Ukraine ranks fourth at over 0.2% of the GDP, while the United Kingdom sits in the fifth place with an aid of just under 0.2% of the GDP.

Czechia, Greece, Slovakia and Portugal are next in line with an 0,1% share of their gross domestic product (GDP) pledged aid for Ukraine.

As of aid value in euros, the U.S. is by far the biggest donor with almost EUR 45 billion committed, most of this sum being military aid. Next are the EU institutions with an aid of just over 15 billion euros.

It must be considered that of the U.S.’s 4 billion euros in military aid, just under 2 billion euros was delivered by June 7. Poland is second in this chart with an military aid of 1,75 billion euros, all delivered.

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